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CVT’s areas of consultation have developed over 10+ years of active presence in several SSA countries. We are tapped into market trends, governing policies and investment opportunities primarily but not exclusively in these key sectors:

  • Housing, Hotel and Hospitality
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Energy
  • ICT & Telecom
  • Manufacturing, export and import of consumer goods

Executive Consultation

CVT provides research data and local intelligence for a number of sectors. We prepare and provide preliminary reports and then respond to the client’s needs by providing additional consultation and investment analysis. In many cases, CVT will facilitate introductions of relevant stakeholders and will guide potential investors throughout the investigative phase and beyond.

PPP Facilitation

Developing countries in SSA are very receptive to the potential of public-private partnerships particularly in the case of large-scale infrastructure development. In this space, CVT’s role is to identify potential investors and facilitate project discussions with public agency project owners.

Client Representation

CVT supports a number of clients through both solicited and unsolicited bids to sell their products and/or services. Many contract awards are made through the ‘Tender’ process common to most SSA nations. CVT brings a team of seasoned experts who walk our clients through the tender process by carrying out a big portion of the document completion and by providing valuable tips toward preparing winning proposals.

Local Partner Identification

Local partners are invaluable, and in many cases essential, for successful market entry. We will use our network and resources to identify potential partners and initiate contact. We can also assist local start-ups who possess the necessary licensing and permits but lack the required capital to pursue business opportunities.